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Judy Moler

May 2017

Prez Sez:
Judy Moler, Chapter President

Wow, when I agreed to serve as President of the League of Women Voters over two years ago, it seemed so far in the future. Now here it is....the leadership of one of the most important organizations in our county.

I am standing on the shoulders of the outstanding women who preceded me. What a legacy we have. I hope that I can carry on their hard work and vision.

I would like to take presidential privilege and review the accomplishments of the past year....and a phenomenal year it was.

The three billboards that we placed around the city of Topeka promoting the importance of voting were a first. The billboards were funded through our education fund held at the national level. The billboards were placed in partnership with LULAC and the NAACP. Our President,
Camille Nohe, took the lead on this effort with the help of others.

The Washburn Student League was established through the work of Carrie Lancaster. Several members aided by paying the LWV dues for students who could not afford to do so.

Media Liaison Carole Jordan arranged for a spot on the "red couch" with Ralph Hipp prior to each Tuesday Topics.

Community Liaison Orion Jordan affected so much visibility and partnership with community groups including a voter registration project in central Topeka in concert with the YWCA. The fund raising event, ART AS ACTIVISM, was a great success both in money received, and visibility achieved.

There were 15 League members who served as poll workers during the election.

Nancy Wagner shepherded an impressive group of local government observers throughout the year. Our presence at these local government meetings makes our League so visible.

League member Carol Yoho managed the Website in addition to being our League photographer. She did a photo shoot with League members in order to create the note cards that are for sale for a mere $10.00.

The candidate events with the Topeka Chamber, Topeka Capital-Journal and with other nonprofit organizations were successful and forged a team for future events including a candidate school for those running for the legislature and local offices.

Glennie Buckley arranged for 12 months of stellar and timely speakers throughout the year.

Theresa Kiernan simplified the budget process making it easier to understand and to discuss.

Vicki Buening revived the New Member After Topics and plans to offer a new member gathering in the near future.

Vicki Arnett provided written testimony in support of federal childcare regulations using the Kansas LWV policy on childcare and early childhood education.

Of course, Lea Billinger held us together with her minutes and her willingness to take on any job she was asked to do.

Liz Post kept our Facebook up to date, and Peggy Hinck sent out our Voter on a monthly basis.

Voter services....what can I say. Bernadette Forge succeeded by Jan Martens and Ethel Edwards did an outstanding job. Registration opportunities were provided in local schools, businesses and churches. The effort to expand to schools has been underwritten by a grant written by Jan and Ethel and funded by the National League of Women Voters. An additional grant was obtained by Ethel Edwards in the amount of $300 to help fund this effort.

Three naturalization ceremonies were held, and voter registration was available there.

We are working hard to develop a 21st century model for our Facebook, Website and email use. It is scary for a coal fired person such as me, but it will be such an improvement in communications with our membership.

I am sure I have omitted names and jobs, but a big pat on the back to our membership and those of you who have moved us seamlessly into 2017. In the decades I have been a League member, we have grown and widened our visibility and stature in the community by giant strides.

Keeping the mission of our organization and the greater good of community in mind, let's march forward together into the year ahead. I look forward to working with each of you. 

Judy Moler

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