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Camille Nohe

March 2017

Prez Sez:
Camille Nohe, Chapter President

Annual Meeting. The next Annual Meeting is set for April 4 and it’s an important one this year. A committee comprised of lawyers Judy Moler, Theresa Kiernan and I reviewed and then proposed changes to the bylaws to the Board, which approved these changes in January. Two of the proposed changes were recommended (i.e., do it!) by the US League.  One is to lower the member age to 16, from 18. The other is to delete the citizenship requirement as a member requirement.  Many of the other changes are formatting or clarifying changes. However, there are a few more substantive changes. Our current bylaws require that any proposed changes be provided to members at least 10 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  I will send these out by email mid-March. To make reading of the proposed changes easier, Theresa Kiernan has prepared by Bylaws Explainer that will be included with the proposed changes that you will receive by email. Please print off this document and bring it to the Annual Meeting as only a few will be available then.

New website. The Board has been meeting with Terry Erisman, a web consultant who worked with the Johnson County League and the Kansas League on new websites, to develop a new website for our League.  We are hoping the new website will be up and running later this spring or summer. This is a huge undertaking for us, which will also include a new way to communicate with members via email. Right now, each new president has to manually enter each member’s email into the president’s personal email address book. As does the Voter Editor, and anyone else who wants to communicate with our members. (And things got even worse for me when Cox somehow inexplicably deleted all of my email addresses!) Stay tuned for developing news on all of this. We are going to enter the 21st Century regarding communications.

Grant from US League. Big congratulations are in order to Jan Martens and Ethel Edwards, our Voter Services duo, who applied for and received a $900 grant from the US League to fund a 2017 Youth Voter Registration Project.

Pineridege Prep School and Housing. We are still collecting children’s books, diapers and feminine hygiene products for the residents of Pineridge. Please continue to bring these items to Tuesday Topics. Vicki Arnett will then deliver them.

Camille Nohe

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