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Past Presidents of LWV-TSC

—complied by Diana Siegal, Finance Chair, 2005:

  • 2015  Camille Nohe | Judy Moler, President Elect
  • 2013  Maryanna Quilty
  • 2011  Marge Ahrens
  • 2009  Gwen Elliott
  • 2007  Georgia Sandlin
  • 2005  Jan Waide
  • 2003  Betsy Rohleder
  • 2001  Mary Ann Bradford
  • 1999  Georgia Sandlin
  • 1997  Robert Harder
  • 1995  Nancy Sargent
  • 1993  Nancy Kindling
  • 1991  Mary Ella Simon
  • 1989  Pat Magerkurth
  • 1987  Gail Franklin
  • 1985  Patty Pressman
  • 1983  Grace Wilson
  • 1981  Alice Stoland
  • 1979  Charlotte Adair
  • 1977  Judy Gingerich
  • 1975  Judy Runnels
  • 1973  Mary Ann Bradford (also 2001)
  • 1971  Darlene Stearns
  • 1967  Ruth Wilkin
  • 1965  Carol Rousey
  • 1964  Fran Ayers
  • 1964  Emmeline Corell (acting for 3 months)
  • 1963  Betty Rosen 
  • 1961  Norma Satten
  • 1959  Beth Sheffel
  • 1957  Margaret Key
  • 1955  Dr Ruth Friedrich (?)
  • 1951  54 Nelle Keith
  • 1949  Gail Wilson
  • 1949  Jean C Challman
  • 19??  Elizabeth Van Schacke



Maryanna and Shelley Rex Buchanan, Kansas Geological Survey Oil and Gas Map Oil rig September crowd Attendees A Treats Man-talk Marge and Barney Heeney Larry Wilson speaks of his League membership experience Attendees B Attendees C Ann Mah and tablet Vicki Schmidt explains November attendees WIBW Channel 13 covered our meeting League School took place directly after the Tuesday Topics meeting Return to Top of Page Kansas State Legislators Discussion was run by Charles Jones A young mom attends League of Women Voters co-sponsored this event League registered voters on site Grace Wilson helped plan this event KU students helped host this meeting Crowds attended Just outside the tent LWV-TSC registers voters League members help register New citizens register to vote Registering Registering 2 Chatting C Chatting B Chatting A Treats Listeners D Listeners E Listerners A Listeners B Listeners C Marge Ahrens, current local League president Georgia Sandlin leads brainstorming session Grace Wilson wins political quiz Board members pull together Gwen Elliott listens to president Marge Ahren's next suggestion

Listners Bob Archer Question B Karen Hiller comments City Council reps and County Comiissioners Question A Larry Walgast comments Library meeting A comment from League memberDiana Siegel

Content by League of Women Voters of Topeka-Shawnee County, Kansas.


LWV-TSC tour of Jeffrey Energy Center, St. Marys, KS Georgia receives gift of scarf from Gwen Georgia, Brenda and Gwen read League poem Outgoing president Georgia Sandlin presides at annual meeting Remembering Gwen Elloitt, remembering Joe Sargent, remembering Jan Waide, remembering Pat Stinson, remembering Patty Pressman, remembering Betsy Rohleder, remembering Charlotte Adair, remembering Diana Siegal, remembering Ruth Wilkin, remembering Gwen Elliott, incoming League president listeners chatting afterwards League Board members line up at the front of the room Joan Wagnon, Kansas Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon talks about state budget deficits Dottie Harder and Ruth Wilkins earn 50-year pins Donna Schneweis, second speaker Rebecca Woodman, first speaker June Windscheffel in tiara eatting holiday finery Mary Ann brings more plates checking in Vicki Schmidt, Elizabeth Ensley and Laura Kelly discuss campaigning Local League members help with registration, primary and general elections Photo A Photo B Photo C Photo D Photo E