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League News:

Washburn University League Updates

Washburn University League of Women Voters Wins New Student Organization of the Year Award, by Carrie Lancaster
   The Washburn Office of Activites and Greek Life nominated  League of Women Voters Washburn as the outstanding new campus organization of the year.  Washburn League of Women Voters will attend the Soar Award Ceremony on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.  (I am hoping that I will need to do an update to this article indicating that they won.) 
   The Washburn League is busy promoting voter registration and education.  They are hosting more voter registration drives in April.  A youTube.com video, How to Caucus in Kansas March 5, 2016, was made by these ambitious students. We are very proud of our student league members. —4/13/2016

   The Washburn University League is communicating their league activities by Facebook. Check it out at www.facebook.com/WashburnLWV. There you will be able to see their current activities such as the How to Caucus in Kansas March 5, 2016, links to voter education and voter registration sites, election calendar, etc.
   The Washburn League also communicates through "Student Life" on the www.washburn.edu website. They meet on Mondays at 3 PM in the Political Science Lounge which is located on the second floor of Henderson Learning Center. —3/9/2016

LWV Pine Ridge Preschool Updates

February — The Topeka Shawnee County League of Women Voters held a voter registration drive at Pine Ridge Prep Preschool on Feb. 2 and Feb. 17. The League is attempting to reach out to our neighbors who are underrepresented at the polls on Election day. Poor communities face many barriers to voting in Kansas.  For example, the adults who live at Pine Ridge most make their way to a polling place 2.5 miles away. This requires a bus ride with transfer. The League will be attempting to problem solve how to get those to the polls whom we get registered. 

The League continues to donate books and other items to Pine Ridge at our Tues. Topics. The books are given as prizes during Family Bingo Night where everyone, children and adults, get prizes. 

Topeka City Council recently voted to come into compliance with state law regarding municipal elections.  The law changes local elections to the fall of odd numbered years, November 2017. The local primary will move to Aug. 2017.  

The Topeka Public Schools is interested in expanding community representation on the Equity Council.  The Equity Council strives to explore best practices to assist children of color overcome the achievement gap, decrease truancy and disciplinary actions among students of color and increase graduation and career and college readiness. If interested in serving on the council, visit this site. http://www.topekapublicschools.net/about-us/district-offices/equity/muliticultural/ 2/10/2016

January — The Topeka Shawnee County LWV provides regular donations to the Pine Ridge Preschool community. In January 2016 the League provided children's books, gloves and much needed Kleenex tissues for those preschool age noses.

The preschool continues to need children's books, (consider shopping at the Friend's Book Boutique prior to a Tues. Topics), clothes for the clothing bank (sizes 4 to 7 for boys and girls), gloves and stocking hats, general school supplies such as markers, construction paper.

Pine Ridge Preschool is recruiting mentors for the 3 and 4 year old students. Mentors spend 30 minutes to an hour per week with one of the students. The preschool provides and activity. Please call 783-7418 if interested in becoming a mentor.

Donations may be brought to Tues. Topics for delivery to the school. A voter registration drive was delivered for parents on "Tip Tues." in February. 1/24/2016


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