Comments by President Maryanna Quilty:
""As many of you know, the League of Women Voters of Topeka Shawnee County makes a monthly appearance on Ralph Hipp's community interest show the News at Four. We used this opportunity to invite the public to Tuesday Topics. Sadly, Carole Jordan, our public relations chair, informed me that News at Four will terminate its run on the air June 27. The League will make its final appearance on the show this Friday, June 27, to talk about July Tuesday Topics.
   The News at Four gave the League's message invaluable exposure in the community. Our League can not thank WIBW enough for having us on the show for the passed year and a half. 6/24/2014

Our League has voted to resume voter registration efforts. People who were registered and have moved within Kansas don't need proof of citizenship. To those who do need to provide proof, we will give an envelope addressed to the Election Office and they will have to send the documents. Alternately, people without proof of citizenship can still use the federal form, but they can then only vote in federal elections.

2014 Legislative Watch Begins:

Our League’s newly constituted Legislative Watch Group has begun monitoring bills and observing selected Legislative Committees.  The following members are on board:

Shelly Bulkey         Election Administration*
Glennie Buckley     Education*
Jan Seagraves      Education*
Maryanna Quilty    Immigration
Sandra Powell       Death penalty repeal
Bernadette Forge  Voter issues*
Carol Jordan          State employee issues
Camille Nohe         Court/judicial issues*

The * indicates an area of State League priority.

"After Topics" immediately following Tuesday Topics, monthly—
   Throughout the years, various members of our League have provided information about the League immediately following Tuesday Topics. These presentations have helped inform our members of how the league works and what we are about. These short presentations have been titled "League School." After much thought and discussion, it was decided that there is more time needed beyond our Tuesday topics to provide all members information about the various activities in which our league is involved. Thus the name change to "After Topics."
   This will give members a chance to learn about and discuss various League activities and actions.

New Member
Mentor Program

The League Board of Directors has supported an initiative to mentor new members.
   We are delighted with our recent membership growth and feel we need make a better effort to reach out to these new members. We would like to provide information, answer questions and learn of new members’ experiences and interests.  We also hope that these efforts will make all new members feel comfortable and welcome with our League. The program involves matching an established League member with a new member. 
   Upon joining the League a new member will be asked if they are interested in the Mentor Program. Those interested would be paired with a League Member who is willing to help.  The time commitment would depend on the matched pair. You would most likely work with only one new member per year. To make this program a success we need your help.  Please contact Teresa Stambaugh or Grace Wilson to volunteer your time and talents to this new program 
   A sign-up sheet will also be distributed at Tuesday Topics.
   Only with your help can we make this a success.  Thank you. 

Teresa Stambaugh, Membership Chair: 862-6621
Grace Wilson, Assistant Membership Chair:  235-8452. 

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2014 Events:

United Way logo
Miriam Krehbiel:
"United Way Funding"
Susan Metzger
Susan Metzger:
"Governor's 5-Year Water Management Plan"
Duane Goossen, ormer State Budget Director
Duane Goossen:
"What the State Budget means for health care and education"
Kathleen Harvey
Kathleen Harvey:
"How the current Kansas voter laws are impacting the Leagues ability to register voters."
Doug Anstaett
David Steward:
"The Ogallala Aquifer and Water Resources"
Doug Anstaett
Doug Anstaett: "Kansas Open Meetings Act/Kansas Open Records Act"
Meeting canceled because of winter storm.
photo not available
Don Rankin: "Protecting Topeka's River and Streams"

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Calendar 2014
| August | September | October |
Tuesday Topics, TSCPL, 1515 SW 10th St., Topeka. Meeting starts at Noon. Optional lunch begins at 11:30 AM. PUBLIC IS WELCOME. --Meeting is NOT at McCrite Health Plaza, as previously announced.
Miriam Krehbiel, United Way CEO, or Kent Townsend, United Way Chairman of the Board, “United Way Funding.” Krehbiel is a Kansas native and graduate of Bethel College. She joined the Greater Topeka United Way in 2008.
Luncheon menu: Fruit plate with chicken salad, rolls, butter, assorted pie and iced tea for $8.25 per person.
Board Meeting, TSCPL, 1515 SW 10th St., Topeka, @ Noon.
You may bring your lunch on a tray from the Millenium Café. Our room is open at noon.
All members are welcome to attend Board Meetings!
Deadline for articles for the September VOTER (Peggy Hinck) and web page (Carol Yoho).
Joint Economic Development Organization/local government study committee meeting, TSCPL, 7 PM. Members welcome to attend.

Tuesday Topics, TSCPL, 1515 SW 10th St., Topeka. Meeting starts at Noon. Optional lunch begins at 11:30 AM. PUBLIC IS WELCOME.
Eric Johnson, Airport President/Director of Air Ports (MTAA), “Air Service for Topeka”
Luncheon menu: Turkey Club Croissant with fruit cup, assorted cakes and iced tea. $8.25 per person.
After TopicsKTWU and the League bring the candidates to your living room.” Public welcome.
Maryanna Quilty will provide information about the League's activities promoting voter education for the upcoming election. She will discuss our involvement in KTWU's Candidate Forums and the new interview format on I've Got Issues.
Board Meeting, TSCPL, 1515 SW 10th St., Topeka, @ Noon.
You may bring your lunch on a tray from the Millenium Café. Our room is open at noon.
All members are welcome to attend Board Meetings!

LWV-TSC Member Event, September, 2014Annual Membership Event at the Elective in NOTO, 900 N. Kansas Av., 5:00-7:00 PM. Come mingle and enjoy beverages and light snacks. We celebrate us. Bring a friend or two.

Look at and share this invitation:

Deadline for articles for the September VOTER (Peggy Hinck) and web page (Carol Yoho).

Special Topics, TSCPL, 1515 SW 10th St., Topeka, @ 2:00-4:00 PM.
Daniel Warner, AICP, Comprehensive Planning Manager, City of Topeka Planning Department, will present the Strategic Development Plan Draft for our city. The League and the public are invited to attend and give input into the plan.

Where are we headed? Planning for the next 25 years.
The City of Topeka is currently updating the Land Use and Growth Management Plan (Comprehensive Plan). The Plan shows how the city will grow over the next 25 years. On Thursday, September 18, from 2-4 PM, in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Topeka Shawnee County, Dan Warner, AICP, will present the plan to the public. The City will take commentary from the public after the presentation. This event is at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library, Marvin Auditorium. Anyone interested in local government, citizen participation in shaping local decisions and the future of the City should attend this presentation. The League has long supported comprehensive planning to guide sustainable growth of this community. We are proud the City of Topeka has asked the League to help bring the Comprehensive Plan to the public in order to educate citizens and to provide an opportunity for citizens to comment.

Joint Economic Development Organization/local government study committee meeting @ TSCPL, 1515 SW 10th St., Topeka, at 7 PM. Members are welcome to attend.
Tuesday Topics, TSCPL, 1515 SW 10th St., Topeka. Meeting starts at Noon. Optional lunch begins at 11:30 AM. PUBLIC IS WELCOME.
Christy Caldwell, VP for Economic Development, Topeka Chamber of Commerce, and Scott Smathers, VP for Government Relations, GO Topeka, will speak on “Why our organizations are important to Topeka.
Luncheon menu: TBA. $8.25 per person.
After Topics —to follow Tuesday Topics meeting. Subject TBA. Public welcome.
VOICE Meeting, McFarland's Restaurant, Gage Center, 6:00 PM
   Held to respond to questions posed by the League of Women Voters of Kansas’ hydraulic fracturing (fracking) study group. An excellent background paper on fracking prepared by LWVK, and additional reports from Topeka/Shawnee County League’s fracking study group members, will be provided to anyone who is interested in participating. 
   PLEASE plan to eat dinner at McFarland’s, as there is no charge if everyone has a meal.
   Contact Camille Nohe if you want to participate in this important (and interesting) meeting.

Tuesday Topics are held in room JCM 101B, across from the Millennium Cafe
at the Topeka-Shawnee County Public Library, unless otherwise indicated.
Meals are available to the first twenty-five arriving, @ $8.25/ea.
Checks payable to the Millennium Café.
If you need a ride to any League event, contact Betsy Rohleder.

Also coming in 2014!!
Watch for these Tuesday Topics speakers and topics:
Nov. 4: Dr. Jerry Farley, President, Washburn University, "Washburn University Initiatives:" KBI Forensics Lab, new law school, and Morgan Hall renovations.
Dec. 2: Governmental Issues Lunch: Members of the the City Council & County Commission, "Local Issues" Panel

Helpful links to City/County/State/National governmental info

July 1, 2014:
Governor's 5-Year Water Management Plan
Susan Metzger, Chief of Planning and Policy with the Kansas Water Office and leader of Governor Sam Brownback’s 50-year water management visioning team. —Read "Kansas Water Office's 500-year plan says Ogallala Aquifer will be 70 percent depleted," by Roxana Hegeman, The Associated Press, 7-1-2014.
League School followed Tues. Topics meeting
“How the League Studies an Issue” focused on our new local study regarding privatization of economic development including principals of transparency, openness, citizen participation and accountability for the use of public funds.
July, Water Resources issues

June 3, 2014:
State Budget impact on healthcare and education
Duane Goossen, VP for Fiscal & Health Policy, KS Health Institute & former State Budget Director —Read front page coverage in The Topeka Capital-Journal: "Expert forecast: Kansas will be in the red within a year without changes," by Andy Marso, and also "Brownback budget director questions Goossen's record," by Andy Marso, 6-5-14.. See also: Analyst: Kansas leaders misrepresented research into cause of state tax revenue drop," by Bryan Lowry, Eagle Topeka bureau, Wichita Eagle, 6-7-2014. Also read: ""Memo: Kansas revenue dip tied to state, federal tax policy Brownback official reject claims state tax cuts at fault," by Tim Carpenter, Topeka Capital-Journal, 6-10-14, and "Kansas revenue slips $28M below estimates in June," by Tim Carpenter, Topeka Capital-Journal, 6-30-14. "Kansas' Ruinous Tax Cuts," by The Editorial Board, NYTimes, 7-13-14. Goossen on The Kansas Budget web site. "S&P downgrades state bond rating," by Andy Marso, 8-7-2014, The Topeka Capital-Journal.
June Tuesday Topics, League of Women Voters of Topeka-Shawnee County

League School: Marge Ahrens and Evelyn Davis discuessed how League studies are handled. They focused on our new local study regarding privatization of economic
development including principals of transparency, openness, citizen participation and accountability for the use of public funds.

May 6, 2014:
Immigration Law
Kathleen Harvey, Attorney and Immigration Specialist
+ League School w/Bernadette Forge: "How the current Kansas voter laws are impacting the Leagues ability to register voters."
Meeting handout: What Part of Illegal Immigration Don't You Understand?

May photo collage

Robert C. Harder


In tribute to the memory of Dr. Robert C. Harder, ex-president of LWV-TSC, who passed away on April 12, 2014. Bob has been honored multiple times as an inspiring public servant. He served as Cabinet secretary in the administration of five Kansas governors. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in January of this year. He will be greatly missed. An article, "Robert Harder, longest-serving Cabinet secretary in state history, dies at 84," by Eric Smith, was published in the Topeka Capital-Journal on the Monday, April 14, 2014.

April 1, 2014:
The Ogallala aquifer and water resources
David Steward, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Kansas State University
+ Annual Meeting 2014

LWV-TSC 2014 Annual Meeting

March 4, 2014:
Kansas Open Meetings Act/Kansas Open Records Act
Doug Anstaett, Kansas Press Association, Executive Director
+ League School w/ Betsy Rohleder: "What happens at Annual Meeting"
March meeting collage

League Day at the Capitol. See photos of this state-level event, held Thurs. Feb. 13, 2014.
League Day at the Capitol

Sandra Powell addresses public speaking trainees


In January Sandra Powell offered her expertise as a Topeka Toastmaster to our members to become more effective public speakers. The League needs people to speak before civic groups and governmentbodies to promote our positions and educate the public to what we do.
Public speaking workshop, TSCPL

January 7, 2014:
Protecting Topeka's River and Streams
Don Rankin, Superintendent, Topeka Utilities

January meeting collage


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