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June, 2016, Kansas Voter Suspension List
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96th Anniversary, LWV
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Judge orders all votes by federal registrants to be counted in Kansas primary
by Tim Carpenter, Topeka Capital-Journal, 7-29-2016

A Shawnee County District Court judge Friday ordered the counting of all primary election votes cast by Kansans who registered with a federal form that doesn't require proof of citizenship and conflicts with the state's registration process.

Judge Larry Hendricks rejected arguments presented by Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who led establishment of temporary statewide rules requiring county election officials to disregard votes cast in local and state elections by at least 17,500 federal registrants that he had placed in registration limbo due to the citizenship conflict.


League Monitors General Election Canvass

    November 10, representatives of the League of Women Voters of Topeka Shawnee County observed the canvass of the of the November 2014 election. checkThe League focused on how many provisional ballots were cast, how many of those were counted and how many were not counted. 1376 provisional ballots were cast in Shawnee County. 1005 were counted. Of that number, 277 were a partial count as the voter voted at the wrong ballot location. 135 ballots had technical issues resolved. 593 ballots had registration questions resolved.
    371 provisional ballots were not counted. 277 of those ballots, the voters were not registered in Shawnee County. The Election office did not know if any of these persons were on the Secretary of State's suspense list for failure to present necessary documentation. Based on feedback from poll workers, the Election Office speculates some voters are unaware they need to register first to be able to vote. 39 ballots, the voter had moved but failed to complete the registration card. 35 ballots, the voter did not provide ID at the polls or by the deadline prior to the canvass. 33 ballots, the voter did not provide proof of citizenship prior to the deadline before the canvass. The canvass did not reveal if persons who failed to present required documentation at the polls just did not bring it with them or if they lacked the necessary documentation. I mentioned the top four reasons ballots were not counted so the number does not add up to 371.
    The number of ballots Counted to Not Counted is 1005 to 371=1376. 73% of provisional ballots were counted to 27% not counted. More work needs to be done to educate people about the vote and to advocate changes to unnecessary voting restrictions. The goal is to have fewer voters cast provisional ballots at an elecetion.


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Kansas Legislature web site

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NOTE: Voter registration deadline was Tues., Oct. 18!

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The Intergovernmental Cooperative Council is a group of leaders of the taxing entities in Shawnee county and it meets at WU.  At the September ICC meeting, Dr. Steve Noble, new superintendent of Seaman USD 345, was the speaker.  No Child Left Behind has been left behind in favor of a new Federal initiative: Every Student Succeeds, with less testing. The conversation turned to the legislature, and the difficulty of hiring teachers. Schools are hoping the courts will restore funding. 10-17-2016

A 2016 U.S./KS/local elections VOTERS GUIDE is now available online courtesy of The Topeka Capital-Journal. Educate yourself...and then vote! 10-13-2016

Great News! "On eve of contempt hearing, Kansas' Kris Kobach agrees to concessions in ACLU voting rights lawsuit," ACLU, 9-29-2016

Here is an excellent resource for assistance in deciding whether to retain the current Justices on the Kansas Supreme Court: Judging our Judges Survey Results. 9-16-2016

Federal Court Blocks Kansas Voting Rule
Wichita Eagle, by Brian Lowry, 9-9-2016

August 26, 2016, marked the 96th anniversary of the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote in 1920. The League of Women Voters of Kansas (LWVK) is marking this historic occasion by launching a new website,
    Many people don’t realize that women in Wichita formed the first local League in the nation. Women in Kansas could vote in school board elections in 1861, municipal elections in 1887, and state elections in 1912. So, it was no surprise that Kansas was one of the first states to ratify the 19th Amendment.
    "Kansas led the way for women’s voting rights," said Carole Neal, current Kansas State League co-president, "and the League is still fighting for the right of every Kansas citizen to vote. Voting is still the key way to make an impact on the critical issues facing our communities.

Supreme Court Judges are up for retention. Here is a link to help educate your community...
—from Debra Duncan, League President, Lawrence, KS
   "A lot of people do not understand how judicial selection works, and I can't tell you how many times I've had people tell me they 'always vote no' for judges. Even though the attack ads haven't started, most people expect a media blitz to attempt to unseat four of the five state Supreme Court Justices who are up for retention (I am assuming, Justice Caleb Stegall, appointed by Governor Brownback, will not be targeted). This is a link to 'Our Kansas Courts.' It is a non-partisan, non-political, educational project sponsored by the Kansas Bar Foundation, designed to help educate Kansas citizens about our legal system, and, in particular, the role and structure of the court system in Kansas." 8-8-2016

Kansas television stations are running SEVEN 15-second spots promoting voting in Kansas elections. All are available to view online. Check them out!

The Eleanor Roosevelt spot has been broadcast on KTWU Public TV, Channel 11, and KTWU and other stations will soon be running all three spots. Watch three of the spots here:
| Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
| Margaret Mead
Margaret Mead
| Alice Walker
Aliice Walker

New Case filed on Voting rights
Follow these links:
"ACLU Sues Kansas Over Dual Voter Registreation System"
"ACLU Sues..."ABC News, Wichita

Editorial: Another victory for voting rights in Kansas. Kobach's concerns about voter registration are hollow. Topeka Capital-Journal,, 6-16-2016

"10th Circuit: Kansas can't block voters from casting ballots," by Roxana Hegeman, Associated Press, 6-10-2016

NPR/KPR audio report:

"Analysis: How 'lost souls' could alter elections in Kansas:Activists push purged voters to wield their electoral power," by Justin Wingerter, Topeka Capital-Journal, 5-21-2016

On May 20, 2016, it was announced that voter registrations at the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles, both prior to that day and henceforth, will be checked against DMV documents. Persons registering to vote at the DMV will no longer be put on suspense lists and purged if the DMV has matching documents to support their citizenship. It is our understanding that those registering to vote elsewhere will still be required to produce documentary proof of citizenship. We will notify members if we receive further information. 5-21-2016

"Voting Gets Harder in Kansas," by The Editorial Board, New York Times, 4-30-2016

Local League releases Economic Development Report. [.DOC format] After nearly two years of work by a nine-person study group, the Topeka-Shawnee County League of Women Voters’ 150-plus members have approved a detailed series of recommendations to city and county government that will improve outcomes of the Joint Economic Development Organization’s use of taxpayer dollars. 4-7-2016

On March 17, the League of Women Voters of Kansas (LWVK or the League) joined a federal class action complaint against Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan. Read our LWVK Joins Lawsuit news release [.DOC format] 4-7-2016

YouTube VideoYour Right to Vote; Kansas Campus Initiative

This video gives detailed instructions on how to register to vote in the state of Kansas. This is to be used in the classroom and beyond. For the full teaching module please contact (11 minutes + 15 seconds)
Membership Grows!
Although Kris Kobach alleged “The League of Women voters is communist,” it has not kept people from sending in their applications for membership. We have grown twelve members in the months of February and March. We welcomed the following new and reinstated members: Jack McGinnis, Ginger Park, Jeanne Vawter, Linda Holmquist, Norm Klocke, Christine and Charles Steinkuehler, Rita Burns, Neysa Thomas, Mary Snyder, and Bonnie Walker. We are sorrowful to hear of two lifelong members, Nancy Kindling and Dr. Joe Sargent, passing.

Our visitor register reflects a growing interest in our Tuesday Topics. The February meeting logged 45 visitors. We signed in 10 visitors at our March meeting. Carrie Lancaster, membership chair, is optimistic that we will see more growth during this critical election year!

Pine Ridge School Updates

"Judge: Kobach had no authority to encumber voting in Kansas," by Roxana Hegeman, The Associated Press. 1-16-2016
[Read the full decision entered by Judge Theis on the Kobach case.]

"League of Women Voters keeps close eye on imcomplete voter registrations," by Celia Llopis-Jepsen, Topeka Capital-Journal. 12-29-2015
“Vote: LWV Kansas Campus Initiative”
by Justin Wingerter, Topeka Capital-Journal, 12-16-2015
“Community Health Center operations transition planned.” Read news release. [.PDF format] 11-16-2015
Art is an Invitation to Activism / Verse Two: Four Women PoetsView wrap-up
"Kris Kobach says voter registrations without 'proof of citizenship' need to go," by Edward M. Eveld, The Kansas City Star, 8/30/2015
Happy 95th Birthday to the 19th Amendment8-18-2015,
View the slide presentation

LWV-TSC made the newspaper!
"'Quality of life' should be part of economic development, women's group says," by Megan Hart, Topeka Capital-Journal, 8/22/2015

Policy Positions The League of Women Voters of the United States will no longer print booklets containing their policy positions, as it has become too expensive to print, ship and store additional copies of the publication.  However, members who are interested in obtaining “Impact on Issues,” which has these policy positions and can be downloaded as full publication or individual sections by visiting 8/11//2015

One-Third Of Congressional Districts Could Be Affected By Supreme Court Ruling
by Jessica Taylor, NPR
  A Supreme Court ruling expected Monday could dramatically remake the partisan makeup of the next Congress ahead of the 2016 elections. June 28, 2015

Kansas' experiment in concentrated conservatism keeps getting grimmer, by Scott Lemieux, in The Week, 4/24/2015

Supply-Side Doom in Kansas, by Barry Ritholtz, BoombergView, 4/17/2015

Making Voting Harder Is a Time-Honored American Tradition: Understanding Oregon's new voter registration law and how big of a departure it is. by Seth Masket, 3-23-2015

Oregon is first to adopt automatic voter registration, by Sheila V. Kumar, The Associated Press, 3/17/2015

How school finance deal raced through Legislature, an article by Jonathan Shorman, The Topeka Capital-Journal, 3-17-2015

Dolores Furtado, Immediate Past President of the League of Women Voters of Kansas, draws attention to a petition to expand Medicaid in Kansas. If you support Medicaid Expansion, click on the link and sign the petition. The Governor needs to hear from voters who support Medicaid expansion.
—A hearing in committee is scheduled on Medicaid Expansion, date and time TBA. Dolores will testify at the Legislature on behalf of the League of Women Voters in support of Medicaid Expansion. 3-9-2015

Action Alert
Support Repeal of the Death Sentence!
The cost of the death penalty is only one of many compelling reasons to abolish capital punishment. Research indicates
that the most persuasive repeal arguments for Kansans are 1) cost 2) the risk of executing an innocent person, and 3) the
negative effect on murder victim surviving family members. See entire alert. 2/19/2015

Kobach voter-fraud allegations exposed as fraudulent, by Steve Benen, MSNBC, 2/10/2015

Women's Suffrage, granted in Kansas in 1912, 8th state






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